Best Outdoor Tents and How to Buy Tents


This collection of the best outdoor tents reveals popular styles for cold and warm weather options. Lots of single and multiple person styles available, too. Whether you’re preparing for hunting, hiking or family camping, these options all have unique features suitable for a variety of weather conditions and environments.

  1. Single Person TentsIndividual Outdoor Hiking and Camping Tents
  2. Two Person Outdoor Tents Great for campers and hikers!

  3. Three Person Tents

  4. Tents for Four or More People Outdoor styles for up to 12 people

Must Have Tent Features

What to look for before you buy

There are some things you really want to make sure you have with any tent you buy. They’re just good for keeping the tent clean, comfortable and convenient. Make sure to check these items off in the product descriptions as you shop.

VENTILATION – Ever put your head under your bed covers and not been able to breath after awhile? It’s because there’s no ventilation. All tents need to let your expended breath escape the tent or you’ll be building up CO2 filled, muggy air.

LIFTED SEAMS – The seams of the tent floor should actually be above-ground, not at ground level. This ensures that they stay above wet ground and prevents seepage from creeping into the tent.

STURDY CONSTRUCTION – Make sure that there are sufficient tent poles and sturdy, rip-free material with double ply, sealed seams. If the tent looks great but doesn’t stay up in even the lightest of breezes, you’re going to be miserable in no time.


How to Buy a Tent

Which Size, Type, and Style is Right for You?

For the most part, people set out to buy a tent with a specific type of use in mind. They want a four person+ tent for regular family camping trips to the river or they need a two man tent for couples hiking trips to the mountains.

The purpose for which you are going to use the tent gives you all the clues you need to pick the right sized tent for your seasonal adventures.

Size and Environment Considerations:

    • Buy a tent that holds the maximum number of people who will be accompanying you on your trip. If the number will vary widely throughout the year, two smaller tents might be more flexible than one, large tent.
    • If you’re only going to use the tent during one or two seasons, buy the best tent for those specific conditions. If you always camp in the winter months, get the best winter outdoor tent possible rather than a four season tent.
  •   If the tent will be used for family camping, make sure it’s family convenient with high ceilings, generous door openings, a front patio cover and enough floor space for cots and sleeping bags.

Happy Camping!

Choosing from the best outdoor tents means you’ll have a piece of equipment you can rely on for years to come. My family spent every summer camping at Scroon River in NY and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything! I loved the smell of our tent at night and the sound of the rushing river outside. Great memories for a kid!