How To Choose Foldable Exercise Bikes home gym equipment

How To Choose Foldable Exercise Bikes home gym equipment 


Many people do not buy home gym equipment because they feel they do not have the space for a bulky piece of metal and plastic in their lives. Now, there’s one less excuse as the invention and perfection of folding exercise equipment technology means everyone can own their own stationary exercise bike even if they live in the smallest apartment in town.


Are Folding Exercise Bikes Any Good?

When these foldable stationary bikes first came onto the market there would have been something of a concensus of opinion which would have erred towards a simple ‘maybe’ to that question but fortunately much has changed over the years.

These days, a good folding exercise bike will give you virtually the same great performance as a fixed frame stationary cycle to the point where you will be hard pressed to tell the quality difference between one or the other.

The main questions to consider when buying a fold away exercise bike are as follows:

How Much Does A Folding Exercise Bike Weigh?


If it’s too heavy for you to move then it is going to take up as much space as a fixed frame bike…because it will not be going anywhere! Equally, if it is too cumbersome to manage then you’ll likely get tired of the idea of struggling to drag it in and out of your closet (or wherever you chose to pack it away at) and not use it. Also bad. Good portable exercise bikes will both close up easily and be lightweight and easy to move. Many will carrying handles for easy portability.

How Easy Is Your Exercise Bike To Fold Away?

Some models can simply be collapsed with one hand. Others are fiddly and require a lot of tinkering about with locks and levers. Check it out before you buy or read what other buyers had to say about it online.
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How Sturdy Is A Foldable Exercise Bike?

This is an issue of safety and longevity. You want a strong frame which doesn’t feel unsteady when in the unfolded, upright position. Try before you buy – or read what others have said in their reviews of the product, because if it doesn’t feel sturdy then you’ll not be comfortable using it. Cheap folding exercise bikes might suffer from stability problems, whilst more expensive models ought not to as a general rule.

How Much Space Does It Take Up When Folded Away?

Naturally your reason for buying a space saving collapsable exercise bike it so that you can easily store it away in a closet, under your bed, behind a wardrobe or wherever. So, you’ll need to find out exactly ho big the equipment actually is when it is folded down before you know whether you are going to have space for it. Some collapse in from the side, others fold from the top down in a kind of concertina motion. You will want to know how long and how wide it will be in compressed format.