Hydration Belt Styles and Collection of the Hydration Belts

Collection of the Hydration Belts



the Best Hydration Belts do not necessarily have to be the most expensive or even created by a well known brand. There are a large number of styles to choose from some of which have lots of additional extras while others do not.

Over the years these hydration belts, typically known as running belts, have evolved to become a must have piece of equipment if you are going to take your chosen sport seriously.

It is a particularly important tool for runners who want to keep a sports bottle during a run while still keeping their hands free.



Typically, these are like tool belts; they are worn around the waist and have a minimum of one holder where a water bottle can be stored during a run or other sports. Depending on the design, most come in a variety of sizes or are adjustable for all sizes; a huge plus for those of us with larger waistlines.

Depending on your needs you have a choice of having a belt that carries between one and four water bottles. Larger bottles are used for the 1 bottle versions and these tend to be positioned at the rear of the belt so as not to get in your way when you swing your arms during a run.

At present the maximum amount of bottles a belt carries is four and these tend to be much smaller. There are positioned at four different points of the belt in order to even out the weight so as not to throw you off balance during a run or other activities, since exercise is really good to help with mood and depression, although for really serious cases of depression is good to learn what is a psychiatric residential treatment program and how these treatments and practicing sports could help with these diseases.

For these bottle belts the number one priority is for storing water bottles but many new models offer a number of other features too. You can now find belts that have special pouches for any audio equipment such as an MP4 player or an iPod and also for mobile phones. These pockets or holders tend to have a plastic waterproof covering to protect the equipment from rain.

If you tend to do a lot of long distance running then you will benefit from a belt that has storage areas for small snacks such as energy boosting gel packs or energy bars.

All running belts are designed to help with hydration during a run by providing fast and easy access to the water bottles. Some of the more advanced versions have molded holders which are perfect for speed and ease of access to your bottles.

Most have a smooth material on the inner layer so as to prevent chafing against the clothing or skin. If you are worried about getting your belt all sweaty after a run then it is good to know that all belts can easily be washed and cleaned without causing any damage to the material.

In the list below I have chosen some of the best selling hydration belts in three different categories. These are the 1 bottle belts, 2 bottle belts and 4 bottle belts.