Mountain Bike Reviews 2016

Mountain Bike Reviews 2016


Mountain Bike Reviews are intended for you to find the best mountain bike. As you know the mountain bike is designed to bear tougher land and to allow the rider ride on rough and uneven patches. Before you go purchase your mountain bike, you must think what kind of topography you will be riding on. There are some types of bikes to choose from, based on the terrain. Mountain biking is a well-liked outdoor sport that combine healthy work out with an fun element.

Type of Mountain Bikes


There are many people do mountain cycling in groups to have pleasure as enjoy the splendor of scenery. The figure of mountain cycling options has increase due to its attractiveness. You can decide the mountain bike which suits the kind of biking you desire to do. You must know concerning the different types which that are available before purchase that mountain bike.

Cross Country Mountain Cycles

Cross country bikes are extremely well-liked among the beginner riders. These mountain bikes are tremendously easy to ride and light. The benefit of this bike is most of the bike rider finds it extremely easy to ride rough landscape and over steep hills.

The new model of Scott Scale 29 is made from carbon frame and it is light weight. It has great systems of shock dampening which very helpful to make the bump seem not even there. Several bikers even use these bikes to commute to work. Several of these mountain bikes are full suspension and the other bikes are hard tails such as the Scott Scale 29. Just for your info, a full A suspension bike will give you a better ride quality on a rough terrain.

Downhill Mountain Cycles

Downhill mountain biking has an excitement of its own. The majority of skilled mountain bikers choose to ride down a hillside. Because the rough of the terrain that the biker will through, downhill bikes are heavily built with rear suspensions and very powerful front.

The downhill mountain bikes are using disc brakes. These bikes are often customized to suit the rider’s requirements. A downhill bike comes with an extremely sturdy frame that gives the bike good stability.


Professional Mountain Bikes

As for information there are professional grade mountain bike which is design for bikers with an advance skill. Usually this kind of bike is used by the riders at biking competition. The bikes show off of the maximum quality and created from incredibly light material.

A great number of engineering works in to ensure that these bikes are able to endure the rough terrain and to fulfill the biker’s requirement. These kinds of bikes are very well-built and require the skill that professional bike riders have to get the top performance out of them. The mountain bikes like the Scott Spark 60 and Scott Scale 20 are ideal for bike riders who choose lightweight mountain bikes that make riding on rough terrains look easy.

Personal Mountain Bike Reviews

Lastly, there are enormous selections of recreational mountain bikes which not have a sophisticated tech as the professional or the cross country model. These mountain bikes are meant for recreational use and this kind of bike are excellent bike to start with. These personal mountain bikes have a full suspension that boasts the quality and great riding comfort. Personal mountain bikes are ideal for cycling with all the family.

As a conclusion, there are many mountain bikes that are available for all terrain and with vary price. I suggest before you purchase your mountain bike, choose a bike accordingly and understand the needs.