Stylish Womens Fitness Watches

Stylish Womens Fitness Watches

Stay healthy and keep track of your fitness with these Womens Fitness watches. These Womens Fitness watches are affordable and great looking and are perfect for anything you put it through. Use these Womens Fitness watches while you’re running, hiking or biking. These are the perfect watches for any woman you know that is serious about her fitness.


These are great gifts for fitness trainers or gym employees. You can get these for your personal trainer as a gift. These are the most fashionable and fitness friendly watches for women.

Fitness Watches for Running

Although you can run without a fitness watch, it makes sense to invest in one if you run often. A stopwatch function will measure how long you are running for, and being able to top your personal best gives you a nice challenge and makes running more exciting because it gives you a goal. A lap function is nice to have, and so are easy to push buttons so you can press the lap button while racing.

Some women’s fitness watches are designed with runners in mind, so if you only want the watch for running (and not for other activities) then you might like to look at running fitness watches for women rather than all-rounders.

What Else to Look Out For

Get something with a large display so you can glance at your wrist and make out what it says on there without having to stop. Also it might be dark at some point during your run, so pick something with a light on it. A lot of these watches also come with heart rate monitors which will have a sensor on a chest strap. This device is used to ensure you do not run too fast, to help you judge your pace, and also to encourage you to become fitter by tracking your progress.

Using Your Fitness Watch with a PC

You can upload the data from your fitness watch on to your PC if you have a compatible model, and analyze it on there. Perhaps you want a fitness watch which calculates roughly how many calories you burnt during your run. Another thing to look out for is a fitness watch which measures your distance and speed with GPS. This means when you get home you can see how far you ran, how long it took and see if you have beaten your previous best record.

Some fitness watches estimate speed and distance by counting your steps and these are a good alternative to the GPS ones if your budget is lower. This is not so accurate though because it uses a measurement of your stride and assumes your stride stays the same during your run. There is another kind with a sensor you tie on to your shoelaces and this will measure your acceleration. This is more accurate but, if you want to be more exact, opt for a GPS model.