The Joy of Backpacking and Hiking

The Joy of Backpacking and Hiking


My Backpacking Dream use to be

For as long as I can remember until about 10 years ago, my biggest dream was to walk the Appalachian Trail. My inspiration for this dream was a book I read over and over again called, As Far As the Eyes Can See. Not only did I find this book to be a great written book, but the author has a way to make you feel some of his experiences that he had while hiking.

I am going to share some of the most wonderful times I have had preparing for this dream, and the journeys I have had on some of my day-hikes and a backpacking trip where the whole group got lost!

To me Backpacking is a true way to get in touch with the Earths Energy. Many people I have spoken too always explains that backpacking is a source of meditation to them. I can understand that until my back begins to hurt from my backpack when I am carrying 35-45 lbs.

Walking in Nature and only hearing the sounds of Nature at her best is truly a blessed gift. For me listening to Nature is heaing the Earths Song I hope that this lens will encourage you to read if you love nature, you will love this book! This I can promise you.


What do you carry in a Day-BackPack?


Day Hikes are usually short trails that can be walked in a few hours. Backpacking trips are longer trails you will walk and most of the time it will be an over nighter. Regardless of which one you are doing The Rule Is PACK LIGHT!

You still need to carry a Day-BackPack so you will have items easy at hand when you need them. This list is what I use to carry in my day backpack as did others who hiked with me.

1. A small Journal & Pen to write about your experince when resting.
2. Small First Aide Kit, you can either make your own or purchase a very inexpensive one.
3. Compass
5. water, food
6. Extra T-Shirt
8. A small flash light


Once you begin to read books on this, you will come up with your own list. I choose these items and slowly added to them from the experiences we had on our hikes. In the first aide kit, I ended up putting an ace bandage in there because on one of our hikes someone stepped on a rooted trail wrong and twisted their foot.

One of the most important things to remember is this: Everything you pack in your backpack is additional weight you will be carrying on your back during the hike. So keep it light and trust me, EVERYTHING counts!