Thick Exercise Equipment Floor Mat For Treadmill

Thick Exercise Equipment Floor Mat For Treadmill


Do I Need A Treadmill Mat?


If you have been shopping for any kind of exercise equipment then the chances are you have also been offered an exercise equipment mat to go along with your purchase. But, do you need one? The quick and simple answer is, yes, a exercise machine mat serves some very useful purposes including floor protection, noise reduction and actually protecting your equipment from damage, but here’s why. The rest of this article looks at treadmill mats for the most part (and offers some recommendations on where to buy them at great prices) but the general principles are pretty much the same for all fitness equipment floor mats.


Noise Reduction Mats For Treadmills
Loud Treadmill Bothering Your Neighbours? Get A Treadmill Pad!


One of the major complaints from people who put their treadmill in an upstairs bedroom or who live in an apartment or condo and have neighbors below them, is that their noisy treadmill is annoying their neighbors or other household members and they want a way to reduce treadmill noise.

It’s true, running on a treadmill can produce a lot of noise from the impact of your own footfalls and also the heavy vibration from the motor itself. On a hard floor and even on carpet treadmills can make a lot of noise which is one of the reasons for investing in a good thick treadmill mat. Thick mats cushion the treadmill against vibration and reduce noise pollution from that and your thudding footsteps which is not only great for you and your neighbors, but also helps protect your treadmill as the next section will explain.

Extra Long Mat For Treadmill Machines

Sometimes you need an oversized treadmill pad especially if you buy a machine with a long running deck as some running machines are pretty long compared to others and normal treadmill pads are not going to be long enough. When you need longer mat length, the following is a great choice:

Treadmill Mats Protect Against Vibration and Impact Damage
A Home Exercise Equipment Floor Mat Protects Against Impact Damage

Even if you are not too worried about treadmill noise pollution, perhaps because you have no neighbors within earshot (or they’re noisier and you are getting your own back!) it is still worth investing in a treadmill pad as it will offer invaluable protection against unnecessary wear and tear caused by vibration and impact damage.

Treadmills produce a lot of vibration when running which will reverberate back off the floor beneath back up into the treadmill rattling the frame and other components which increases the wear and tear on these treadmill parts and eventually lead to a failure somewhere. A good treadmill floor mat will reduce vibration levels and save you money on repair bills. They also cushion the impact of your running which cuts off any bouncing and jostling which can occur on a bare floor.

Although the temptation might be to just put your treadmill directly onto an old piece of carpet to protect your flooring and provide a little extra padding, don’t do it. Treadmills and carpets do not play well together as, in fact, one of the major reasons for buying a treadmill mat is to protect against such things as carpet fibers from clogging up your treadmill motor and other working parts which is guaranteed to lead to expensive repair bill somewhere down the line, and other option is using rugs for this which can also be protective, and finding the perfect rug is important to be able set your treadmill in the perfect position to use.

Recycled Rubber Treadmill Mats
The Environmentally Friendly Option For Impact and Shock Absorbtion

Treadmill are very large, bulky, heavy pieces of exercise machinery which are almost guaranteed to damage your flooring without some kind of floor guard to protect against it. Place them on rub and you’ll find indentations which may never go away and as treadmills vibrate and scuff floors, may wear holes over time. On tile, wood flooring and other hard floors, treadmills may crack, indent, scuff, scratch, gouge and otherwise damage the flooring.

A simple clear treadmill mat stops this by providing a barrier between the two which keeps your floors looking like new. You don’t want to decide to move the treadmill at a later date and end up having to replace the floors too! A treadmill mat might look a little costly but weigh that against replacing a carpet or fixing wood flooring and it starts to look more like a bargain.

Treadmill mats also protect against the grease and grime which using a running machine is likely to cause. Treadmill lubricant used to keep the belt moving fluidly can also stain your floors whereas the majority of fitness floor mats for treadmills and other exercise machines typically have easy clean surfaces.

Fitness Equipment Mats Protect Your Treadmill From Dust and Debris

Not only will a fitness machine mat protect your floors from the dirt and grime falling off the treadmill, but it will also protect your treadmill from dust and dirt getting into its works by keeping debris, pet hairs, carpet fibers etc, get special carpets to avoid the dust, you can see in ourĀ carpet stores Sunshine Coast what you are looking for, from finding their way into the treadmill motor and other working parts. A treadmill mat acts like a raised barrier against the average household debris and is easier to keep clean.